Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Your Puppet 2010

James and Bobby Purify first offered this ditty. With a few lyrical tweaks, this is the song of the House Democrats, dedicated to Nancy Pelosi...

Pull the string and I'll wink at you, I'm your puppet
I'll do funny things if you want me to, I'm your puppet

I'll be yours to have and to hold
Darling you've got full control of your puppet

Pull another string and I'll vote your way, I'm your puppet
Snap your finger and I'll give the OK, I'm your puppet

Your every wish is my command
All you gotta do is wiggle your little hand
I'm your puppet, I'm your puppet

I'm just a toy, just a funny boy
That makes your plans all go through
I'll be wonderful, do just what I'm told
I'll do anything for you
I'm your puppet, I'm your puppet

Pull them little strings and I'll sing you a song, I'm your puppet
Make me do right or make me do wrong, I'm your puppet

Treat me good and I'll do anything
I'm just a puppet an you hold my string, I'm your puppet
Yeah, I'm your puppet

Walking, talking, living, loving puppet
I'm hanging on a strin, I'll do anything now

I'm a walking, talking, living, loving puppet, and I honor you

I'm a smiling happy face when you want me to
Even make you happy when you're feeling blue

For the original, go here

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